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At CarpeVITA, we combine a fresh new approach to getting healthy and fit with a mission to change how we go about health and wellness in America. We are a member and provider co-operative, supplying the powerful information and convenient resources you need to access and truly achieve your personal wellness goals.

We bring together providers and members dedicated to making healthy lifestyles easy, convenient and affordable for everyone. Using proprietary software to match each member’s unique needs with the healthy lifestyle solutions that will work for them, CarpeVITA will change the way Americans select and purchase healthy products and services.

The CarpeVita co-op empowers members to combine their purchasing power, get personalized coaching and guidance and receive discounts, rebates, rewards and benefits from the best providers of the highest quality, healthy products and services.

The CarpeVITA co-op is supported by member purchases and local businesses, and not by misleading advertising or misguided political interests.

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