Friday, April 10, 2009

Are Facebook & Twitter The Next Generation of Chiropractic Marketing?

Yes, they are!

If you go to and look at the websites with the most traffic you will see that YouTube is #3, Facebook is #4, and Twitter is #9 on the list of most visited websites.

These social media websites allow you to connect as friends with many people in your local area or across the nation. They are free to sign up for, free to customize, and you can put a link to your website on them as well.

If you can set up your Twitter and Facebook pages correctly, you can be seen as the health expert in your local area. This can be huge leverage in the quest for new patients. Hopefully, they will have read your health blog or other health information you put on these sites and remember you when they need chiropractic. If you set up your profile correctly and use it efficiently, your Facebook, Twitter "friends" will be future patients.

YouTube can help draw in new patients by directly promoting yourself or your clinic, by people searching on YouTube, or by the large search engines, like Google & Yahoo, indexing your videos and putting them in your local search results. If you can get a video testimonial to rank high on Google for your local search terms, that is a huge advantage. People love visuals and love video, because they can see and get to know you before they come in.

I have personally used a great course that can help attract new patients using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Social Networking websites. Dr. Matthew Loop of Digital Media Solutions created a one of a kind course called Social Media Elite. It takes you on a step by step basis on how to set up your profiles, how to customize them, and how to use them to create viral marketing. It is a wonderful program that will absolutely grow your practice.

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Facebook has 1.71 billion users with 300 million checking in everyday. Set yourself up as the health expert in your area.