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Friday, July 23, 2010

How To Get Started Using Kinesio Taping In Your Chiropractic Clinic

Kinesio Tex Tape and SpiderTech Tape are very popular and have been seen everywhere on elite and amateur athletes since the 2008 Summer Olympics. Kinesiology Tape has been around for a long time and used very successfully to help treat many muscle and joint injuries, however the media publicity was at its highest when scantily clad Olympic beach volleyball players were seen with Kinesiology Tape on their shoulders, knees, ankles, and backs.

Kinesiology Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape that was first seen in the 1970s when Kinesio Tex Tape was invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor. It is made from a cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive and is designed to mimic the qualities of human skin.

Kinesiology Tape is applies over muscles and joints and can help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, relax tired muscles, support the muscles, all while still allowing for full range of motion.

So how does one get starting using Kinesiology Tape in practice? First one must find out how to get reimbursed for using the tape. The "ChiroCode DeskBook 18th Edition 2010" says "The Kinesio® Taping Association can not guarantee that the use of these codes will result in payment. It is the responsibility of the Practitioner to bill appropriately for services and to check with Medicare or other healthcare insurance companies if there are questions. Reimbursement results will vary with regards to the state the practitioner is in and the insurance companies dealt with."

What are the Codes for Kinesio Taping?

29200 - Thorax           
29240 - Shoulder
29260 - Elbow or Wrist          
29280 - Hand or Finger           
29520 - Hip    
29530 - Knee 
29540 - Ankle and/or Foot
29550 - Toes

Please consult the "ChiroCode" Book, your state chiropractic association, or call the insurance companies to find out what they will cover. Be prepared to appeal insurance denials with letters of necessity, because they have been known to deny the payment hoping you will not take the time to appeal.

Next, I would take the time to learn how to properly use the Kinesiology tape in your office. There are many companies offering seminars and certifications that will get in prepared in just one weekend. You can also purchase a taping manual or DVD to study on your own. Two good manuals are "Illustrated Kinesio Taping Method Manual Book," and "Clinical Therapeutic Applications Of The Kinesio Taping Method Book."

Kinesiology Tape can be a very valuable tool to add to your practice and has shown to be very successful in helping to manage many types of musculoskeletal injuries. ChiropracticOutfitters.com carries a Kinesio Tape Starter Kit and a SpiderTech Starter kit that can easily and quickly get you started.

Douglas Yost

Friday, February 12, 2010

Smart Step Healthcare Mats Reduce Standing Fatigue

The Healthcare Mat by Smart Step Flooring is an anti fatigue mat that dramatically reduces fatigue and discomfort associated with long term standing or stationary standing. The unique one-piece construction has a soft inner design structure that serves as a preventative approach against potential back pain, leg pain, or foot pain. The revolutionary, ergonomically smart design interacts with the body by suspending your body weight, thus reducing impact on the joints. Your weight will frequently shift and rebalance itself, reducing stress and strain of many daily activities. Smart Step Healthcare mats promote better posture, proper circulation, muscle conditioning, and a sense of well being.
Smart Step Healthcare Mats have been successfully servicing the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, international airports, over 400 national retailers, major hotels, casinos, and is the #1 selling anti fatigue mat in the salon and spa industry.
See the mats at ChiropracticOutfitters.com

ChiropracticBookstore.com & ChiropracticOutfitters.com have merged to offer a one-stop shop for chiropractic equipment & supplies

ChiropracticBookstore.com, an internet chiropractic bookseller, and ChiropracticOutfitters.com, a chiropractic supply company, today have announced a merger to offer more chiropractic products on one website and better serve the chiropractic profession.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI (1888PressRelease) February 12, 2010 - The merger is effective immediately. The new company will be called ChiropracticOutfitters.com, but the URL ChiropracticBookstore.com will remain active and redirect to ChiropracticOutfitters.com The Company will continue to operate online and headquarters will be in Shoreview, MN.

ChiropracticBookstore.com was founded in 2008 and provides chiropractic textbooks needed for chiropractic school and reference books needed for chiropractic practice. Together the new company will continue to provide books, plus add chiropractic supplies, such as ultrasounds, electrotherapy machines, chiropractic adjusting tools, bottle warmers, and more.

According to founder, Dr Douglas Yost, the merger will provide clients with a one-stop shop for chiropractic equipment and supplies. "It is going to make life much easier for our customers since they will be able to find many of the products they need for their clinic all in one website.."

About ChiropracticBookstore.com. Founded by Dr. Douglas Yost of Shoreview, MN on June 11, 2008, ChiropracticBookstore.com makes it easier for chiropractors and chiropractic students to find chiropractic books, textbooks, and chiropractic equipment. In order to help the chiropractic profession flourish ChiropracticBookstore.com will give 2% of all profits to the Foundation For Chiropractic Progress, in hopes of further spreading the Chiropractic message.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dick Gephardt to headline National Chiropractic Legislative Conference 2010

Dick Gephardt to headline NCLC 2010
January 7, 2010 — According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt will deliver the keynote address at the 2010 National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC) with the Chiropractic Summit.
The event will take place Feb. 24-27 in Washington, D.C. Ret. Brig. Gen. Becky Halstead, spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, will also speak.
Gephardt, one of Washington’s most respected and well-known political figures, served as the congressman of Missouri’s 3rd congressional district for 28 years and helped to pass landmark reforms to healthcare, pensions, education, energy independence and trade policy. Today, he heads Gephardt Government Affairs, a political consulting firm that has been working with ACA since October to promote the inclusion of pro-chiropractic provisions in national healthcare reform bills.
Chiropractic Summit partners will also be present at the 2010 NCLC. The Chiropractic Summit, a collaborative group of more than 40 chiropractic organizations, is working cooperatively on critical issues affecting the profession and will meet during NCLC this year to discuss strategies related to healthcare reform.
NCLC is the chiropractic profession’s most important public policy event. During the course of the meeting, hundreds of doctors of chiropractic and students from across the country will meet with members of Congress and advocate for issues that matter most to them and their patients.

For more information on attending NCLC 2010 with the Chiropractic Summit, visit www.acatoday.org/NCLC.
Source: American Chiropractic Association, www.acatoday.org

Jerry Rice, Becky Halstead, Linda Cohn at Parker Seminars Promoting Chiropractic

January 6, 2010 -- Three of the most prominent spokespeople for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) - NFL great Jerry Rice, General Becky Halstead, and ESPN Analyst Linda Cohn - will all be attending the 2010 Las Vegas Parker Conference held Jan. 14-17 at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Foundation supporters will be given the opportunity to meet each spokesperson as well as receive autographs and photos.
•Jerry Rice: Thursday, January 14th (10:00am - 2:00pm)

•General Halstead: Thursday, January 14th - Saturday, January 16th (Keynote Speaker - Friday)

•Linda Cohn: Thursday, January 14th - Friday, January 15th

The Foundation is proud to offer their members an opportunity to meet personally with our highly regarded spokespeople who are helping us communicate the many benefits associated with chiropractic care.
Source: Foundation for Chiropractic College, www.f4cp.com