Monday, January 10, 2011

TerraQuant LaserTherapy Pro Package

TerraQuant® LaserTherapy Pro Package by MultiRadiance Medical is our most popular lasers and can give you everything you need to start treating with Low Level Laser Therapy.

More info on the Terraquant Pro Laser
  • Five preset frequencies
  • Features Multi Radiance Technology(tm) (MRT), which synergistically incorporates multiple therapeutic radiances into one device: super pulsed laser, pulsed broadband infrared emitting diodes and pulsed red light
  • Laser: 50 W; 905 nm wavelength
  • Infrared LEDs: 60 mW; 875 nm wavelength
  • Red LEDs: 7.5 mW; 660 nm wavelength
  • Two emitters can be used simultaneously to treat twice the area and cut treatment times in half for optimal efficiency
  • Console is 11" x 6" x 3.5"
  • FDA cleared
  • Two-year warranty
  • Includes TerraQuant(r) console and SE25 emitter

Pro Package Includes:
  1. Soft carrying case
  2. Two pairs of laser goggles
  3. Operating manual
  4. Users guide
  5. Treatment protocol manual

TerraQuant® Console Specifications:

Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw) 
Infrared LED's 60mW 
Red LED's 7.5mW Wavelength: 
Laser 905 nm 
Infrared 875 nm 
Red 660 nm 
Class II Equipment Applied Part Type BF 
Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1) 
Weight 4 lbs / 1.5 Kg 
Dimensions 11in x 6in x 3.5in (27cm x 15cm x 6.5cm)

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