Friday, August 1, 2014

Why It's Important To Spread The Chiropractic Message?

The Good & The Bad of Chiropractic In The News

A quick search of some of the most visited news websites for chiropractic articles left me wondering who is getting the chiropractic message to the general public better, the media or chiropractors?

Below is a small sample of the good and bad about chiropractic I found on these websites. Let me just say that for many it was hard to find a good article, ie.. BBC, NY Times, and Washington Post, but fairly easy to find numerous bad articles about chiropractic. Even the articles that were on the favorable side gave a caution about getting your neck adjusted by a chiropractor.

I believe that chiropractors themselves need to start getting the word out more through the media that chiropractic is safe and effective. If you have a feel good story about the power of chiropractic, write a letter to your local newspaper or TV outlet, send them an email, or call and tell them. The media prints what they hear. They love death and dying stories, but they also love triumph type stories. "Chiropractor relieves migraines from woman who suffered for 20 years." They love that kind of stuff.

The best way to spread the chiropractic message, without the drug companies money, is word of mouth. Get out there and tell the world about chiropractic, and we may finally be able to see and read more of the good stories on these news websites.

The Bad
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The Good
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